Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions and answers relating to solar power

Can you please help me understand my Electricity Bill?

Electricity Retailers buy Electricity in bulk at a wholesale price and keep profits. Always shop around for best deals.

KW = measurement of Electricity bought, eg 100 kw x .30cents = $30

Peak Rate = between 7 am and 11 pm

Off Peak = Between 11 pm and 7 am

Feed in Tariff = Price given for feeding the Grid via a Renewable source .06 cents as of September 2015 (the wholesale price of Electricity)

Service to Property Charge = Collected by Electricity Retailers on Distributors behalf for the maintenance of Infrastructure in your area.

Can I be disconnected from the Grid?

Under the Essential Services Act no Australian is allowed to be disconnected from Energy or Water.

Can I convert my existing Solar System for Battery Storage?

Yes you can!

All we need to do is replace your Inverter to a Hybrid and add Batteries.

Do I need to service or maintain my system?

All systems installed by Integra require no servicing. The only maintenance you should perform is a quick clean every now and then if required. Other companies often stipulate service requirements, which may be hidden deep in the fine print to protect inferior quality systems from warranty claims. We don’t practice these tricks. In the extremely unlikely event we need to fix a problem, our Aussie warranties are as safe as houses. Call us on 1300 822 061 and we will be out to replace or repair, no questions asked.

Is my System Working?

Solar works on light. If there is light no matter how cloudy your system is working. It will fall asleep when the Sun sets and wake up when it rises. A green light on your Inverter indicates that your System is working.

Should I resubmit my Photovoltaic Paperwork every time I change Electricity Retailers?

Yes! We will always have copies of your paperwork, however your last retailer might not feel obligated to help you by passing these on to your new retailer. Always submit your paperwork.

What are Renewable Energy Certificates?

RECs (Renewable Energy Credits) are directly related to Carbon Emissions.

Adoptees of Renewable products such as Solar are rewarded a helping hand or discount by the Australian Government for contributing to decreasing pollution.

While polluters such as Factories and Black Electricity Companies are punished via Carbon Pricing or Tax for adding to the pollution problem.

Each system size has a number of Certificates which is multiplied by the price of Carbon which can change on a daily basis.

All Integra Energy Group customers have a total price on their order form minus the Government contribution.

Their total balance therefore is their out of pocket expense.

What does reconfiguration of my Meter mean?

Your Distributor will reconfigure your Meter to read Energy coming out of your home to the grid to receive credits on your bill for that contribution. Your Distributor will reconfigure your Meter once it receives your paperwork from your chosen Retailer. There is no such thing as connection!

What happens if I choose to expand my system?

If you have the available space to add more panels, we recommend that you install another complete system. What this means is a second independent system and not an extension of an existing one. The method behind this is simple; your solar output is limited to the lowest performing panel in that series. Adding new panels to an old system will inhibit the performance of the new panels. There is no guarantee that the panels that are available in the future will fit with the inverter you put on now so those “expandable inverters” usually serve no purpose.

What happens if it is Cloudy ?

It really depends how cloudy and what equipment you’ve got on your roof. Some solar panels will harness more energy when light is at a premium. We will only recommend panels that are proven in low light conditions and have shown to offer a broad spectral response. To cut to the chase, we use the panels that work harder for longer so you can enjoy the savings from additional power.

What is a Feed in Tariff?

Contributions to the Grid are feed in Tariffs.

What is a Kilowatt?

Thousands of Aussies have purchased systems based on the kilowatt capacity alone that is similar to purchasing a car based on the engine size and nothing else. A kilowatt is a metric of electrical power. When it comes to solar, it typically refers to the capacity of the system, so it is important not to be confused between a kilowatt (kW) and a kilowatt-hour (kW/h). What really matters are the kilowatt-hours (kW/h) as this is what you are charged for by your energy supplier. When you see or hear “kilowatt” be aware that this does not indicate how much power you will actually produce. Consider these things: orientation, pitch of the roof, inverter efficiency, electricity losses due to design, cables and panel tolerance to heat and environmental conditions. Take a peek at our yield estimate reports to really understand what our system will produce.

What is an Electricity Retailer?

Electricity Retailers are only responsible for Billing and Customer Service of your Electricity Bill.

They do not have any other responsibility. You have the right to choose any Electricity Retailer you want and as many times as you like.

What is an Electricity Distributor?

Electricity Distributors are responsible for the distribution and maintenance of Electricity and it’s infrastructure in you area. For example – if there is a blackout in your area it is your Distributor that will restore Power back in your area. The maintenance of your infrastructure means all poles and wires and the reading of meters.

This list is general in nature and is produced by Integra Solar Pty Ltd. 1300 559 037.

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