"We have had them installed for one billing cycle now and our bills are down by about $250. Based on what he said we are already ahead of his predictions even though it's only been autumn and a little bit of summer.

Really really happy."

− JodiePatrakis, Tullamarine, productreview.com.au

"Old fashioned integrity...

How a company treats people is a pretty fair sign of it's integrity and this one treated me very well."

− Marie Murphy, productreview.com.au

"The salesman was great... explained everything to us very simply and the solar panels were installed very quickly... no mess left behind.

Great company, very happy."

− Anne, productreview.com.au

"One year on, still going strong...

We saw a big drop in our bills over summer and even our last winter bill was a lot lower than usual.

A pleasure to deal with!"

− ADavis81, productreview.com.au

"Fantastic product and great service... explained everything we needed to know.

We have had the system installed now for about three months and are saving approximately $150 per month on our electricity.

A big thanks to Integra Solar."

− Mark V, Melbourne, productreview.com.au

"A+... Really happy with Integra.

They explained everything very clearly... We loved the entire process.

We have a commercial building with a shop front and our residence upstairs. Some companies wouldn't give us the time of day, but Integra came out and made it all clear for us."

− NCBC, Melbourne, productreview.com.au

"A very happy customer... A professional company.

They treated me as a real customer and not just a number.

The installers were great... very careful not to damage my roof and even offered to fix a piece of my guttering, at no charge.

I would recommend Integra solar to anyone."

− John & Rita, Melbourne, productreview.com.au

"Great service... Very happy with Integra Solar.

Excellent customer service and they delivered on all that was promised.

Everything was seamless and smooth. A+"

− ZoeAnderton, Melbourne, productreview.com.au

“A dream to deal with.”

– Gary, Launching Place VIC 3140

“I’d give Integra 10/10 for level of service… perfect!”

– Gary, Launching Place VIC 3140

"Fantastic, very helpful in all aspects."

− Posted by Helene, VIC 3127.

"We got our first bill from Origin today and all I can say is WOW."

− Posted by John, VIC 3172.

"Integra ticked all the boxes... Really impressed."

− Mary-Clare, Ballarat South VIC 3350.

"I’d give Integra a 10/10 for the level of service – it’s been perfect!"

− Gary, Launching Place VIC 3140.

"The installers were great... I'm very happy with the system."

− Diane, Croydon South VIC 3136.

"The installers did a wonderful job."

− Andrew & Robin, Warnambool VIC 3280.

"Glad I went with Integra... I'd recommend them."

− Rhys, Portland VIC 3305.

"Really good service... explained the system to me well – cleaned up after themselves too."

− Robert, Warragul VIC 3820.

"Integra have been a dream to deal with... really impressed."

− Gary, Launching Place VIC 3140.

"Integra have been a dream to deal with!"

− Gary, Launching Place VIC 3140

"Really like the look of the panels."

− Leona, Lyndhust VIC 3975

"Integra provided me with good honest information."

− John, Endeavour Hills VIC 3802

"The Service from Integra Was Great!"

− Mark, Doreen VIC 3754

"Good product and the price seemed very reasonable."

− Myra & Tom, Craigieburn VIC 3064

"The panels and inverter are first class."

− John & Alluson, Melton South VIC 3338

"We’re happy with our System and how it has reduced our Power Bills!"

− Chris & Lisa, Reservoir VIC 3070

"My bill before Integra’s Panels was $350, that was nearly halved on my last bill."

− Milivoje, Corio VIC 3214

"Spent a good 2 to 3 hours with the Sales Consultant who was very thorough and explained everything to me."

− Ron, Highton VIC 3216


Click to view installations & customer feedback


Click to view installations & customer feedback

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