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Solar Panels Melbourne

Solar power is the future in Australia. If it wasn’t already apparent, it should be by now. The key piece in this future is the residential solar panel. Recent improvements in solar panel technology means that residential panels can make Australian homes fully green and carbon neutral. Solar power for homes can not only also reduce energy bills but also make the need for external electricity redundant. Integra Solar now provides solar power for private residences, enabling them to significantly reduce their carbon emissions and increase energy savings. Our solar panel installers are among the industry’s best experts. We provide tailor-made solutions for every customer, ensuring that you get the most out of your installation in terms of both aesthetics and efficiency.

Trusted Solar Installers and Maintenance Experts

Integra Solar is one of the most trusted solar installers and maintenance experts in Australia. Our leading solar storage system service is available with onsite installation in Queensland, Melbourne, Tasmania, Sydney, Victoria, Western Australia and many other parts of the country. We also provide quick urgent maintenance visits for every home and office we supply. Not only are our battery packs and solar systems state of the art and built in with redundant fail safes, but should any eventuality arise, you can rest assured that our teams will be on top of it. With Integra Solar, you get top rated solar battery and panels installations coupled with urgent maintenance available whenever you need. Our service provides peace of mind and convenience for home and commercial property owners in Australia.

Powering the Australian Economy with Commercial Solar Panels

At Integra Solar, we not only aim to power Australian homes, but also the Australian economy. Our economy is the backbone of our great nation and it is imperative that its power supply remain unimpeded. To that end, Integra Solar is committed to providing the finest, top-of-the-line solar commercial solar panels to Australian businesses. Today, we are proud to call ourselves Australia’s most trusted commercial solar panel installation company. Our commercial solar power service is available for business centers, manufacturing facilities, large housing projects, building and construction contractors, retailers and supermarkets and for every other commercial requirement. Our services are available and well-received in Melbourne, Queensland, Sydney, Brisbane, Western Australia, Victoria, Tasmania and many other parts of the country. Our commercial solar battery and panel systems are available for installation anywhere and at any time. Make your business energy independent with one of our many available commercial solutions.


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Why Integra Solar?

A more prudent question might be, why not Integra solar? But if you’re still on the fence, allow us to help change your mind and welcome you to the Integra family.

  • Integra Solar employs the most trusted solar installers for homes and apartments in Melbourne Australia.
  • We have industry leading solar storage systems available for homes.
  • We bring the best service to your doorstep. You decide, we provide.
  • Our dream is a clean and green Australia, and we intend to make it a reality by providing solar energy as many homes and apartments as possible.
  • Invest once and take control of your energy spending.
  • Make your home carbon neutral with clean and efficient solar power.
  • Sell excess energy to energy companies to pay little or no electricity bills all year round!

One Time Investment and Years of Convenience

Are you tired of having to pay energy bills every month? Does your property’s excessive carbon footprint bother you? Worry no more! Integra Solar has the answer to all your renewable energy needs! We provide convenient solar battery system installations at your home or commercial building. Get the perfect setup readied for usage with great attention to detail. We provide solar panel installations and maintenance for every property in Melbourne, Queensland, Sydney, Brisbane, Tasmania, Townsville, Western Austria and Victoria. Call now and talk to our professional solar panel experts. Book your appointment at any convenient time, we’re always available.

Solar Roof and Large Commercial Panels Available

What do all houses and commercial buildings have in common? They all have roofs! And the roof is most often wasted space. It’s time to change that. Integra Solar helps you setup a solar roof for your home, apartment or any commercial office building. We provide solar roofs for homes and also large commercial solar panel systems for housing societies and any other commercial setups. Our large-scale solar energy systems provide clean energy for the biggest of setups. Hire the best solar panel company in Melbourne Australia and we will make your solar system as efficient and reliable as humanly possible.

Solar Storage System

Green Renewable Energy for Lowest Carbon Footprint

It’s no secret that climate change is the greatest challenge of our generation and it will likely be an even bigger challenge for the generations to come. We only have one planet, one home, and we owe it to our children and their children to leave it better off than when we inherited it. The world realizes this and is moving towards green renewable energy. Solar energy is the cleanest and most renewable source of energy on the planet. Integra Solar enables your home or commercial property to thrive on solar energy through solar panel and battery systems that use the power of the sun with all its renewable energy glory. Become carbon neutral and contribute to the healing of the world. Use what you need and sell the excess amount for others to use. Nothing goes to waste!

  • Renewable clean energy made available for your home or office.
  • High tech solar installers available anywhere in Australia.
  • Highly efficient solar storage system available for any property.
  • Harness solar power and make your world carbon free!
  • Australia’s best solar panel company.
  • Make the most of our state-of-the-art installation and maintenance services.

Can Your Solar Storage System Be Self-Sufficient and Completely Independent?

Do you want your home or business to be completely self-sufficient? Do you want to be independent from the national grid? Can you make your residence or business 100 per cent energy independent? Yes, you can! Integra Solar provides solar panel systems for any required output. Our specifications include 6.6KW, 7.2KW, 9.9KW and any other options you may require. Your house or office can use the amount it needs and the excess energy does not have to be wasted at all. You can either store it for night time usage, or sell it to your local power companies to offset your bill. You invest only once and your property benefits from our solar energy system in every way possible for decades. Get your solar energy system installed with any required specifications at your home or in any building. Remember, there’s no turning toff the sun! Why not harness this unlimited source of energy with your solar storage system to power your world?

Should You Get Solar Battery Storage Systems for Your Home?

Absolutely! Every home should have a solar panel setup to make the most of our sun’s ubiquitous energy. Integra Solar provides solar batteries for home setups that enable solar power storage for use at any time. You don’t have to waste even a watt of your clean solar energy. Store it and sell excess amount to get a rebate when needed.

  • Trusted home solar power systems installations experts.
  • Free solar installations and urgent maintenance visits available for homes.
  • Residential solar panels setup available for all kinds of properties.
  • Sunlight is omnipresent and renewable; we make your home use it efficiently.
  • Sell excessive energy to local power companies for others to use.
  • Clean energy is the best energy. Get your setup today.

Our Solar Panels Offer a Quick Return on Investment for Homes and Commercial Buildings

Are your worried about making back the money you invested on solar panels? The initial cost may seem steep but solar panels offer some of the quickest return on investment when done right. You will never have to pay a penny of energy bills. Your home or property will always have clean and green energy to operate on. Making your investment money back is easier than ever with our clean solar panel setup. Get your solar power systems setup now and put your minds at ease for years to come.


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