The time has come to produce, store and use your own Energy at any time.


Customers with existing renewable sources such as Solar can also convert now!

With a variety of Finance options available the time is now to consider investing in your future and breaking away from Corporate Electricity Stranglehold!

Call now for a free no obligation assessment as to how you use Electricity to tailor match a battery storage unit to your lifestyle!

By combing a flexible ready for Battery Storage Hybrid Inverter with a Battery Bank your Electricity production from a Solar System can be Stored and Used and can also feed the Grid!

For homes that have been using a Renewable source such as Solar, conversion is easy!

Your Solar Inverter will be replaced by a Hybrid and a Battery Bank added!

Download the Home Assessment Energy Sheet for an evaluation of how much power you require at night to determine the amount of production and storage needed.

Or call us to have an evaluation in the comfort of your own home with one of our experts.

As feed in tariffs are rewarded less and less it is wise to store your Energy as opposed to selling it back to the grid at a minimum price!

Battery Storage System =
Solar System + Hybrid Inverter + Battery Bank + Cabinet + Full Installation.

Features & Benefits

  • Use at Night

  • Stored Electricity in poor weather

  • Power Distribution

  • Charge Battery from Grid

  • Setting for Charge and Discharge

  • Export Control

  • Wifi Monitoring


Carbon Acid

Battery Conversion from $50 per week*

Already gone solar, but want to power on through the night and in poor weather? Talk to us about converting your panels for complete independence from the corporate-private electricity retail stranglehold.


*depending on size of system and or extras, financial institution and loan plan.





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