BYD is a Global High Tech Company.
Founded in 1995 BYD Ethos is the betterment of Humanity through Technological Innovations.
This is reflected in the Company’s Name, “Build Your Dreams”.
BYD would have to be considered as one of the most influential Organisations on the Planet within the Renewable Energy Industry.
It’s development in the Electrification of a variety of Vehicles has made BYD a Leader in Battery Storage, Transit, Alternative Energy dedicated to Zero Emissions.
Represented in every corner of the Globe BYD’s Products have touched many Humans on the Planet.
BYD Products are known for their Quality and Forward Thinking and are a reflection of the Shape of Things to come!

BYD Company Highlights

  • World largest LFP battery manufacturer
  • Since 1994
  • 3132 battery R&D scientists
  • 1620 battery-related patents
  • $19 billion company
  • 40+ manufacturing bases worldwide

BYD – Energy Pod

  • High Safety and Reliability
  • Smart Energy Management 
  • Simple Installation 
  • Remote Monitoring with App
  • VPP Support