Kehua is a Technology based enterprise with Power Electronics at its core.
Kehua is the Global Leader of Uninterrupted Power Supply for more than 30 Years and specializes in Large Power Plant Solutions, Distributed Power Plants, Energy Storage, Off Grid Systems, EV Charging Stations and Commercial and Residential Inverter Solutions.
Kehua are key suppliers in Industries such as Telecom, Medical, Industrial, Finance and Banking, Transport and all Key Global Projects.
Their Business Partners include Amazon and Alibaba


Recom Company Highlights

  • Since 1988
  • Among Top 500 Global Renewable Energy Companies
  • Public Listed Company
  • Ranked 3rd Global UPS Market
  • 10 GW Annual Solar Production
  • More than 900 R&D Engineers
  • Supplier of UPS to Google, Huawei, Amazon, Alibaba, Coca Cola, and Nuclear Plant in China

Kehua Tech – Residential Energy Storage System SPH 48V Series

  • High-efficiency inverter topology ensures annual power generation
  • Advanced control algorithms and high adaptation ability to the grid, improving the stability of power generation system
  • Integrated AC/DC full lightning protection
  • Intelligent cloud platform monitoring, realizing one- key APP real-time monitoring
  • Support RS485, GPRS, WIFI and other communication methods
  • Super-wide operating temperature range, adapt to extremelycold, high temperature areas

Data Sheet