Integra Energy Group is proud to have worked with some major Construction and Architectural Companies such as SJ Higgins and McCorkill Constructions, Australia’s oldest Construction Company, for the supply and installation of Solar Products for Circus Oz new headquarters.

For any Commercial enquiries please do not hesitate to call our office for an obligation free Evaluation to determine the benefits of Renewables for your place of business.

Commercial Solar Panels Installation Available

Integral Solar is a trusted commercial solar panels installation expert in Australia. We provide services in many markets across the country including Sydney, Brisbane, Tasmania, Townsville, Western Austria, Victoria and more. Our professional solar power systems engineers design and install the most suitable and scaled solution for your commercial needs. Say goodbye to high energy bills and enjoy constant renewable solar power for as long as you need. Our quality solar storage system is available for all kinds of commercial setups across the country.

  • Commercial solar panels installation experts in Australia
  • Advanced solar storage systems for all commercial requirements
  • Scaled commercial solar power systems with advanced equipment
  • Reliable solar battery and storage systems available any time
  • Wide coverage in Australia with doorstep installation and maintenance
  • Trusted solar installers in your area available with service any day
Commercial Solar Panels Installation

Commercial Solar Power to Scale with Perfect Suitability

Different commercial setups need different amounts of power. Integra Solar now provides solar power to scale for all commercial setups. We have certified and experienced solar installers who survey your energy requirements correctly to design perfectly suited systems. We offer onsite solar installation for a system to scale to match your requirements. Keep all your energy needs well fed and also guarantee no energy wastage at all. We provide professional solar panel systems that can also store excessive energy which can then be sold to local power companies. We are one of the best solar panel companies in your area. Call now and find out more about our quality solar power solutions.

Trusted Commercial Solar Installers in Your Area

Looking for a trusted commercial solar installation company in Sydney, Brisbane, Tasmania, Townsville, Western Austria or Victoria? Integra Solar is an experienced service provider to assist whenever you need it. We offer the best solar panels service in your area and power to scale for all commercial requirements. Get large commercial solar power systems delivered at your doorstep that will keep your lights and all energy equipment running without the need for any external power sources. Our quality solar storage system services enable your commercial building or setup to be 100% energy independent and self-sufficient. Become carbon neutral and even contribute to other businesses using clean green energy.

commercial Solar Panels

Reliable Advanced Commercial Solar Storage System

A reliable commercial solar storage system can not only solve your energy needs but also keep your electrical systems running constantly. Also, large commercial solar panels systems are prone to breaking down when not fitted perfectly. However, Integra Solar is one of the best solar panel companies in Australia with years of experience. We have certified and experienced professionals who install your commercial solar panels just right with all the required hardware fitted perfectly as well. We offer reliable commercial solar power systems based on real-world calculations and high-quality hardware.

  • Advanced commercial solar storage system for every requirement
  • Reliable solar power systems with tried and tested hardware components
  • Quick support available for all commercial solar panels and energy systems
  • 24/7 availability with backup and disaster support for all setups
  • We are available all-around Australia service to keep your systems running
  • Solar battery, inverter and panels setup available for commercial needs

Ready for Solar? TAKE THE LEAP

Reduce Commercial Carbon Footprint and Save the Planet

If you are someone who is always looking to find ways for clean green energy, Integra Solar is a name you can trust in Australia. We provide the cleanest commercial setups in the country. Solar energy is as abundant as energy can be for us. We offer the best solar panels and battery setup that connects your commercial needs to a clean, renewable energy source.

  • Take control of your energy needs with leading solar power solutions
  • Keep your energy bills and carbon footprint low at all times
  • Use green commercial energy and help the world be a better place
  • Commercial solar panels and storage systems with reliable installations
  • Trusted solar installers in your area serving with an attitude to help

Approved Solar Battery, Inverter & Storage Technology

Integra Solar is a trusted commercial solar panels company in many parts of Australia including Sydney, Brisbane, Tasmania, Townsville, Western Austria and Victoria. We only deal in the highest quality approved hardware for all solar battery, inverter and storage hardware. Our professionals only use clean energy council approved inverter and solar panels set up for safe usage around the clock. The correct products can not only increase the lifespan of your solar panels and storage systems but can also increase the overall efficiency of your systems. Call now and find out more about our leading solar storage system services in your area for clean green commercial energy at any time.

Best Solar Panels for Commercial Requirements

The quality of a solar system is always determined by the quality of its solar panels. Integra Solar now provides high-quality commercial solar panels for all requirements. Our best solar panels for commercial setups provide high-efficiency output with scaled systems for all needs. Connect your power tools, equipment and essentials with clean green solar energy and have peace of mind for your commercial power consumption. We are always working with you to provide a better energy solution keeping your energy bills and carbon footprint low.

One Investment, Long Term Gains with Quick Investment Return

With our efficient solar power systems, getting your investment back is easy and fast. We provide the best solar panels setup with advanced inverters and battery systems to make your energy positive. Sell your excess energy to local power companies and get your investment back by having no electricity bills at all. We help your commercial solar power system become a source of revenue, as you can earn money for the excess energy that you produce. Keep on top of your energy needs. Integra Solar is available across the country to help you save more and contribute more to the environment.

Will Your Commercial Setup Need Power from Other Sources?

No. When you get proper scaled solar power systems, your commercial setup will not need any other energy sources. You can practically cut off the electricity systems your building might be operating on currently. However, it is important to get service from professionals like Integra Solar to guarantee perfect solar energy generation, storage and usage. Call us now and get your commercial site surveyed any time. We provide reliable solar installation with the best solar panels service at your doorstep.