TW Solar is the Largest Global Manufacturer of Solar Cells.
The 30 Year Old Company has captured an amazing 12% of the Market with a manufacturing capacity of 30 GW.
TW Solar is The Largest unknown Company in the World and supplies Photovoltaic Cells to nearly all Leading Tier 1 Companies.
A Specialist in Solar Cell Manufacturing, Tongwei owns the Production of Pure Silicon which it develops into the high quality solar Cells used by todays Leading Brands. This equates to 80,000 Tons of Silicon to Produce more than 20 GW of Crystalline.
TW Solar is dedicated to R&D, manufacture and Marketing Core Solar Components.
Prosun Solar is Proud to be the first in Australia to launch the New TW Modules as it enters our Continent for the first time with its own Photovoltaic Panel.The irony is that all other competing brands will have the TW CELLS INSIDE!

Partnership Information

Tongwei Company Highlights

  •  Globally No.1 Solar Cell Manufacturer
  • Public listed Company
  • 30 Years in Business
  • Over 40,000 Employees
  • 12% of Global Market
  • Supplier of Solar Cells most Tier 1 Modules
  • Production Capacity 30 GW
  • 207 Patents & 31 Software Copyrights
  • TW supplies Solar Cells to Longi, Jinko, GCL, Canadian Solar, Trina, Risen and
    Suntech to name a few

Tongwei Solar – TW 330 MWP-60-H Mono

  • 330 Watt
  • Full Cell Mono Perc
  • 19.78% Efficiency

TW 350 PM5-6 – Shingled Mono

  • Compatible with MC4
  • Anodized aluminum profile
  • High weatherability blacksheet
  • White toughened safety glass, 3.2mm
  • Maximum System Voltage: DC 1500/1000(IEC); DC 1000(UL)