Jolywood – Solar Panel Distribution Australia

There is no denying the advantages of TOPCon N Type over Crystalline Perc Technology.

Higher Module and Cell Efficiency, No LID, Low Temperature Coefficiency just to name a few.

TOPCon, is an abbreviation of Tunnel Oxide Passivated Contacts.

It involves depositing a nanometre scale layer of silicon oxide, followed by a thicker polycrystalline silicon layer, between the silicon wafer and metal contacts.

The layers reduce charge recombination between the wafer and the contacts, increasing carrier lifetime and resulting in a conversion efficiency boost of around 0.5%.

Jolywood founded in 2008, a Tier 1 Listed Company, is the World’s Largest N Type TOPCon Cell and Bifacial Module Manufacturer with a 8GW+ Capacity!

It is also the Largest Backsheet Manufacturer claiming 30% of the Global Market.

Jolywood has its own Intellectual Property Rights with 58 Granted Patents and boasts the World’s Largest N Type Solar Field.

Integra Solar is Proud to Introduce this Major Rival to the N Type Cell Australian Market. There is no doubt that N Type is the superior Tech with its Longer Life and Higher Output however has been out of reach to Australians due to Price and the dominance and Monopoly of one Brand.

Integra Solar has the Power to create an alternative giving Australians an affordable choice!


Jolywood Company Highlights

  • Excellent PV Materials Supplier Award
  • Top Ten Cell/Module Supplier Award
  • Top Ten Industrial and Commercial Distributed Photovoltaic Supplier Award
  • World’s Largest N Type TOPCon Cell Manufacturer
  • World’s Largest N Type TOPCon Bifacial Module Manufacturer
  • R&D Development of N Type with own independent Intellectual Rights
  • 8GW+ Capacity
  • World’s Largest Backsheet Manufacturer 30% Market Share
  • World’s Largest N Type Bifacial Solar Field
  • 7% 30 Years Operation
  • 30 Year Output Warranty
  • -0.32% Temp Coefficiency Pmax
  • No LID
  • 9 or 12 Bus Bars
  • 5 to 15% Bifacial Output dependent of Surface reflection
  • Tier 1 Bloomberg List

JolyWood  JW-HT132N

  • Leader of n-type bifacial technology
  • Fully automatic facility and world-class technology
  •  Long term reliability tests
  • 100% EL inspection ensuring defect-free modules
  • High power and 1500V system voltage, saving
    BOS cost
  • N-type solar cell has no LID naturally, can increase
    power generation