Aleo – Solar Panel Partner

When a Product and a Company have confidence to give a 25 Year Output and Product Guarantee it is no wonder that Australia’s Antarctic Mission chose German made Aleo as its Module of choice to ensure Output and Quality of Product for Casey Research Station on the Frozen Continent.

This is a living Testament of the Superiority of Product Manufactured by Aleo a European Company that stands by its High Standards and Progressive Technological Innovation.

Featuring PID and LID Free, Aleo founded in 2001 uses the Highest Quality Components and Extremely Stringent Testing to bring consistent unfailing Output and Longevity in no matter what Environmental Conditions in the Production of Solar Power.

Aleo is without doubt rated in the Highest Echelon of Solar Modules and stands on the Top Ranking within the Global Renewable Energy Market.

Integra Solar is Proud and feels privileged to represent and Partner with such a Prestigious Company in being able to add value to Australia’s Renewable Sector.


Partnership Information
  • “Awarded Casey Research station Contract”
  • Made in Germany
  • Founded 2001
  • Solar panel of choice at the Casey Research Station, in Antarctica
  • 25 Year Output & Product Guarantee
  • PID & LID Resistance
  • Hi Pot Testing
  • 3 Prizes Prestigious Plus X Award Winner for Quality, Ease of use & Functionality
  • LID resistance
  • LeTID Free
  • Hail resistance class
  • Pressure load: 8000 Pa – suction load: 5400 Pa
  •  Hi Pot Testing (*) Aleo performs the so-called HiPot test where 4 kV is applied between the frame and connectors of every single module. This test is mandatory to secure each module´s safety and required by VDE regulations. In order to perform this test, holes need to be drilled through the anodization layer of the frame. The drilling marks are not to be regarded as a lack of quality, but on the contrary, as a sign of exceptional quality. Check out other manufacturer’s panels, for such signs… The lack of which is just visual proof this safety test is either omitted or performed as sample checks only. Aleo tests every single panel.

Aleo X63 333W Black Frame

  • Engineered & Manufactured in Germany
  • Snail Trail Free
  •  Salt mist corrosion resistance
  • Ammonia corrosion resistance
  • Sand and dust resistance
  • PID resistance
  • LeTID resistance
  • Hail resistance class 4
  • Pressure load: 8000 Pa – suction load: 5400 Pa
  • Dynamic mechanical load test