From Humble beginnings Integra Energy Group has gained the reputation as one of Australia’s Premium Solar Companies.
After 10 Years in Operation we can boast more than 12,000 Residential and Commercial Solar System Installations Nationwide!
With our In-House Engineers, Electricians and Solar Designers Integra Energy Group has guided Australians to choosing the right System in their pursuit to emancipate themselves from ever increasing Energy Costs.
As an Importer of the Finest Quality Solar Products we deal directly with Manufacturers insuring all Warranties, Tech Support and Service claims are run In House.
Our mission has always been to not only to make our Customers self-sustainable but also informed on High Quality Products.
As a Progressive Company we are always seeking to Introduce New Renewable Technologies and Products to Market in the quest of advancing our Customers to a Cleaner, Greener Cost effective World of Energy.

Trusted Residential Solar Panels Company in Australia

Integra Solar is a trusted residential solar panels company in Australia. We provide solar panels installations in Melbourne, Queensland, Sydney, Brisbane, Tasmania, Townsville, Western Australia, Victoria and more. Our professional solar storage system experts enable your home to become carbon neutral. Your home will even be in a position to sell excess solar power to local companies and help other people use clean green energy too. We help make your home a model for the neighbourhood by offering quality solar installation service at your doorstep. Zero carbon emissions and no electricity bills to pay.

  • Trusted residential solar panels expert in Melbourne Australia
  • Leading solar storage system installations for your home
  • Solar panels, inverter and solar battery experts
  • Zero carbon emissions and no electricity costs anymore
  • Make your home carbon neutral and an inspiration for the neighbourhood
  • Lead the way into the future with renewable solar power for your home
Solar Storage System

Ready for Solar? TAKE THE LEAP

Residential Solar Panels

Reliable Solar Storage System with Anytime Maintenance

Many companies provide solar power systems in Australia. Integra Solar is a trusted service provider offering onsite solar installation and urgent repairs with scheduled maintenance visits as well. We help keep your best solar panels system working at 100% efficiency with quality maintenance visits. Our solar power systems experts install and upgrade your system according to need making it grow to suit your needs any time.

  • Reliable solar storage system available for your home in Melbourne Australia
  • Onsite solar power systems installation available any time
  • Best solar panels installations with scheduled maintenance visits
  • Urgent breakdown and recovery call-outs available for your home
  • Quality energy backup systems available for disaster management
  • Residential solar panels available for all kinds of domestic properties

Solar Power Systems Available in All Specifications

So, what makes solar power so great? Well, it is renewable in an unlimited way and can cut down carbon footprint and electricity costs to zero. Integra Solar now provides scaled solar power systems for all homes in many parts of Melbourne, Queensland Australia. We are trusted solar installers offering clean green energy for every household. We offer tailored home solar power systems for every requirement. Get home hot water solar system, advanced home battery systems and customized solar solutions for your needs. We are leading solar installers in Australia offering quality service at your doorstep. Get the solar power output that your home needs. Our efficient solar storage system never lets your home waste any energy. Sell excessive energy to make your money back quickly.

Approved & Recommended Hardware Components

At Integra Solar, we are professional solar installation experts. We only stock and use approved hardware components. All our solar panels, solar battery systems, inverters and even circuits are all of the highest quality. Our solar power systems maintain high efficiency for all homes. Get the best solar panels for your home today and make your home clean and green in terms of energy consumption. Our latest solar panels, inverters and battery systems benefit your home in the best way possible in Melbourne, Queensland. No more electricity bills and carbon emissions making the world a better place for everyone. Call us now to find out more about quality solar panels systems for your home.

Make Your House Carbon Neutral Today

We use too many natural resources. And the planet is suffering for it. All those carbon emissions build up for the dreaded greenhouse effect and wastage of natural resources. Integra Solar now provides the perfect opportunity for homes in Melbourne Australia to become 100% carbon neutral. Our solar storage systems even make your household carbon positive. Use clean solar energy with our best solar panels and storage systems while you can also sell excessive clean energy to local power suppliers where other people use this clean generated energy for their consumption.

  • Clean green living with scaled solar power systems for homes
  • Make your own clean energy and sell what’s extra to others
  • Make your home carbon neutral and say no to emissions for good
  • Take control of your home’s electricity bills and consumption
  • Your home will never need a power line or connection at all
Solar Storage System

Australia’s Leading Solar Installers at Your Doorstep

Integra Solar is Australia’s leading solar installation expert available at your doorstep in Melbourne, Queensland, Sydney, Brisbane, Tasmania, Townsville, Western Australia, Victoria and other parts of the country. We are available for every home and domestic property in the regions we serve in. Get solar panels and optimized systems installed for your residential property anywhere in the country. We are a trusted residential solar power company offering professional installations and after-sales services at any time. Our services include onsite solar installation for your scaled system making your home carbon neutral quickly. Book your site visit now and get a professional to check up on exactly how much energy output your home needs.

Solar Roof Installation and Solar Panels for Home Available

Homes and residential buildings can have different roof designs. Integra Solar now provides quality solar roof installations and solar panels services for every home and residential property. Our advanced residential solar panels service makes your solar roof produce the required energy. Get a solar roof for clean green energy for your home and residential property anytime. We provide solar roof installation and solar panels services for homes, flats, apartments and all other residential buildings. Get reliable solar power systems and solar storage systems installed at your property any day. Say goodbye to electricity expenses and also control your home’s carbon emissions.

Best Solar Panels for Every Home

Integra Solar only uses top quality residential solar panels. Our hardware selection and efficient solar power system layout enable your home to be power efficient and carbon neutral. We provide the best solar panels in Melbourne Australia for your home making it cut down and eliminate electricity bills as well. Take control of your residential property’s carbon emissions, energy consumption and bills with solar battery systems of the highest quality. We are available any time offering the best solar power systems for homes, flats and apartments of all kinds in Melbourne Australia. Call us now or get a quick quote by filling out our form.