For wholesale enquiries for a variety of products such as Panels, Inverters, Batteries, Mountings please call our Hallam Office on 03 8786 3129.

Trusted Wholesale Solar Panels Supplier in Australia

Integra Solar is a trusted wholesale solar panels supplier in Australia. We provide wholesale solar power equipment anywhere in the country. Affordable wholesale prices for the best solar panels in the country are available for resellers and service providers. We stock all the latest most advanced and approved solar panels and solar power systems components. Our inventory includes wholesale solar battery and power systems components for all residential and commercial requirements. Become our business partners and we will never let your solar power parts and components run out.

  • Trusted wholesale solar panels supplier in Australia
  • Solar power parts and components available for all specifications
  • Affordable wholesale solar panels prices available for resellers
  • We can supply directly to your customers for convenience
  • Latest solar panels and solar power parts available any time
  • Solar panels, inverters, batteries and all other components available wholesale

We Supply Latest Approved Solar Power Components

Integra Solar is one of the leading wholesale solar panels and storage systems suppliers in Australia. We always stock the best latest parts and components for all specifications. Our inventory includes the best solar panels in the country and advanced inverters with quality solar battery systems as well. Get wholesale solar panels that you can resell to your customers anywhere in the country. Keep your customers happy with high-efficiency solar power solutions with the latest advanced equipment. Our solar installation service is also available for your customers keeping them happy with convenient service. Call us now or fill our quick form to become business partners with wholesale prices available any time.

Best Solar Panels at Affordable Wholesale Prices

Do you need wholesale solar panels at affordable bulk purchase prices? Integra Solar is a name you can trust. We provide the best solar panels in Australia at the cheapest wholesale prices. Whether you sell to your end customers or have a large solar power systems requirement, we will provide the best wholesale prices at all times. Also, we provide solar installers service with wholesale purchase for large buildings, housing projects or any other energy requirements anywhere in the country. Get solar storage system equipment at affordable wholesale prices to make your solar panels investment just right. Call now and speak to our professionals for long term business partnerships.

Ready for Solar? TAKE THE LEAP

Solar Panels at Affordable Wholesale Prices

We Can Supply to Your Customers Directly as Well

If you have end buyers anywhere in Australia, we can supply solar panels systems to them on your behalf. Our solar power solutions and solar battery systems are available to be shipped out to your end customers. We believe in smooth business relationships with solar panels and systems resellers anywhere in the country. We are a trusted wholesale solar panels supplier in Australia offering service and equipment for everyone at any time.

  • We supply directly to your customers on your behalf
  • Best solar panels available at cheap wholesale prices
  • High solar power efficiency with latest and greatest installations
  • Reliable solar panels and solar storage systems available
  • Residential solar power parts and commercial solar panels available
  • All kinds and output specifications of solar power systems wholesale

Australia’s Leading Solar Panels and Storage Systems Company

Integra Solar is Australia’s leading solar panels and solar storage systems company. We have been offering the best solar panels in the country for several years. Our service includes the best solar installation and maintenance whenever needed. We supply the latest and greatest most efficient solar power equipment to all resellers and large structures at affordable prices. Wholesale solar panels are made available from any brands with all the rest of solar systems equipment any time anywhere. We supply top solar system parts for all resellers and commercial requirements in the country any day. Call now to find out more.

Supply Wholesale Solar Panels & Parts for All Specifications

Need wholesale solar panels and equipment for residential solar power systems? Are you looking for commercial solar panels and storage systems? Integra Solar will provide some of the latest wholesale solar energy solutions for your requirements. We have solar panels, inverters and batteries available in all specifications. Starting at 6.6KW, our solar power systems can be scaled to need for all kinds of commercial requirements. We offer the best solar panels in Australia at the most affordable wholesale prices. Our business model suits resellers and servicers best. We can match any specification requirement while still maintaining the cheapest price points for wholesale solar power systems.

Why Integra Solar?

Integra Solar is a trusted solar panels and equipment supplier in Australia. Our wholesale solar power systems and solar storage system solutions are available at affordable prices. We provide solar battery solutions and all the other equipment for resellers and contractors in the country. Get some of the best solar panels with the latest specifications and from leading solar system parts manufacturers from around the world. We are available 24/7 offering professional solar installation service at any time.

  • Trusted wholesale solar power solutions provider in Australia
  • Solar parts and equipment available for all specifications
  • Wholesale prices for the latest and greatest solar panels and storage systems
  • We provide a perfect partnership opportunity for resellers and contractors
  • Australia-wide coverage for wholesale solar equipment any time
  • 24/7 availability and support available for all resellers and contractors

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