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Solar Panels Installation Brisbane QLD

Solar Energy Brisbane QLD

Brisbane is a wonderful place to visit or take up residence. It may be much quieter than Sydney and Melbourne, but it does have its attractions. Residents of can enjoy the various local attractions, like exploring the Lone Pine Koala or going kayaking in Brisbane’s various rivers, if you don’t mind bull sharks. But other than its natural beauty and multitude of tourist attractions, Brisbane is also an ideal place for solar panel installation. Known as the River City because of the mighty brown snake that courses through it (remember those bull sharks?), Brisbane has fantastic levels of sun exposure, which makes not using solar panels in the region a bad choice to boot. Queensland is called the Sunshine State for a reason after all, and Brisbane is the capital. Residents of the city enjoy a whopping 4.2hrs of full sunlight throughout the year! What this means is that solar power Brisbane, QLD is a lucrative investment. A high daily average of ‘full-sun exposure’ means more solar energy in Brisbane than in most places in Australia. QLD enjoys subtropical weather all year round, making solar panels an absolute must have. On average, a 6.6kW solar panel installation in Brisbane will generate an average of 27.7kWh of clean, green and renewable solar energy. It is pertinent to mention that 27.7kWh if solar energy in Brisbane should be enough to power the average Australian household. Add to all this Australia’s rather high energy prices and you’re really only left with one proper course of action. If you have not already invested in solar energy Brisbane, QLD, now is the time. It should come as no surprise that the Brisbane City Council recommends solar panels installation in Brisbane as one of the top two energy saving tips. The other being (drumroll) buying solar energy in Brisbane!


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Solar Panel Companies in Brisbane

As of February 2021, over 30% of Brisbane’s residents have installed solar panels. This is a remarkably high number, but there is still massive room for expansion. Choosing a solar panel company Brisbane is just as important as choosing a system of solar panels; arguably even more so. This is because the company you choose is one you’re bound to for the next twenty-five years or so. That’s why Integra Solar are the best way to go. Integra solar is trusted by our customers, respected by our peers and renowned for providing our customers with only the best solar panel companies Brisbane. Our services extend to the larger Brisbane area and we bring the best companies to your doorstep. With Integra Solar, you are in the safest of hands. Give us a call and see how it goes!

Solar Panels Installation Brisbane

Maybe you’ve been considering making the switch for some time now, but you’re having trouble ascertaining whether it’s the best course of action for you and your family? Maybe you’re considering switching your business from conventional to solar energy, but you’re not sure if it’s worth the cost? The average 5kW solar panels installation in Brisbane will set you back around $3000 – $4500. And this is the price for a standard solar panel installation, Brisbane. Standard being an installation on a single storey house with a tin roof. From here onwards, the price only goes up. Toss in a storage system and you can easily double or triple the cost of your solar panels installation. These numbers are bound to give the average consumer a headache, just by reading them., so allow us to tell you why it is still a good idea to invest in solar energy Brisbane. The following are some of the most important reasons why:

  • Slash your power bills by as much as 70%. That’s right! The Sunshine State can live up to its name and reduce your energy bills drastically. If you want to reduce operating costs for your business or if you want to reduce expenses in your household, this is the best way to go about it. Your energy bill probably reminds you every month of why this is a good idea!
  • Protect yourself against rising power prices. Yes, power prices are high in Australia and they’re only going to get higher with time. While the COVID-19 pandemic has not affected Australia as much as some other countries, it still has left its mark on the global economy. Recovery will be slow at best and meagre at worst. Expect power prices to rise as governments struggle to cope. You have to consider protecting yourself and yours from these hikes, and there is no better way to do it than investing in solar power Brisbane, QLD. Unless, of course, you’re planning on going “Man (or Woman) Vs. Wild!”
  • Take advantage of the discounts! Currently the QLD government offers a generous $3400 discount package for a 6.6kW solar power Brisbane system. That whopping $4500 cost doesn’t look so daunting now, does it? But it’s best to keep in mind that this discount will most certainly not last forever. So, for customers on the fence about it, we at Integra Solar advise taking the leap sooner rather than later.
  • Solar feed in tariffs in Brisbane go as high as 20c/kWh. This way if you’re producing extra solar energy Brisbane QLD, you can even get paid for it. There is literally nothing to lose with this setup.
  • Get a return on your investment. Saving money by using solar power Brisbane QLD is guaranteed to pay for itself in time. In three to five years, you’ll have saved enough from your bills that the system will have paid for itself. Anything after that is all free. You may think three to five years is a long time, but consider the fact that modern a solar panel company Brisbane (like Integra Solar) will sell you a system designed to last close to 25 years. At most, you’ll pay for five years, and get twenty years of free or extremely cheap energy.
  • Protect our environment and our future y going green. There really isn’t a price we can put on our children’s or nation’s future, is there? Every Australian must do their part to ensure that this future is as bright as possible. Invest in green energy today and ensure that your children have a safe and clean country to grow up in.


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