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What is Solar Storage, and Who is it for?

Solar energy is great. It’s free, the technology is cheap and getting cheap, it is efficient, and it is excellent for the environment. There is only one problem: the sun only shines during the day, and most people need electricity more in the evening or at night.

Residential Solar Use

Most people work during the day, and they will be in their offices or places of work during peak solar production hours. Now, they dynamics will vary from house to house, but for the most part, people tend to use more energy when they are at their place of residence. Peak power usage for residences occurs on summer afternoons and summer evenings. Unfortunately, this is also when energy generation is falling. Peak generation time starts in the morning and peaks in the afternoon, when power consumption is usually low. Temperatures are the highest during these hours, and people who work the daytime shift, which is most people, get home and begin cooling their houses, running appliances, cooking and cleaning around this time.

Commercial Solar Use

For businesses, again depending on the business this will vary, but peak power usage and generation will more or less coincide. Most businesses open in the morning, when solar harvesting is maximum. It will begin declining when power usage dwindles, and employees begin to wind up their workday. Therefore, solar panels make sense for businesses and commercial enterprises, since their peak consumption is at day, but what of residences?

The Case for Solar Storage

Solar panels still make sense for residences since all Australian states have net metering laws. Electricity produced by solar panels during the day can be fed into the grid at a given rate, thereby reducing the customer’s monthly bill. This solution works for the most part, but it still leaves people dependent on the grid, in spite of their solar panels. Such a system is called a grid-tied solar energy system. If a homeowner, or a business, wants complete energy independence, or a degree of independence from the grid, then solar storage systems are the way to go. Lithium-ion batteries are the cheapest and most affordable method of solar energy storage. Coupled with hybrid inverters, they make for excellent tools of energy independence.

During the day, when production is high and consumption is low, solar energy is used to charge the batteries, which can provide electricity to the residence for consumption at night. Any excess energy can still be sold to the grid. So, for anyone looking to make the most out of solar energy and gain energy independence, solar storage systems are the way to go.


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The Advantages of Solar Storage

  1. Balancing Energy loads: Without solar storage, electricity must be used as it is generated, otherwise, it may cause grid reliability issues. To avoid this, grid operators curtail or restrict the flow of excessive power into the grid. On cloudy days, or after sunset, when solar generation is low or non-existent respectively, the demand for power remains high. In both cases, there is a gap between supply and demand, with one falling and the other rising in turn. Solar storage solves this problem by storing electricity when generation is high and utilising it when generation is low. Think of storage systems as an insurance policy for sunshine.
  2. Solidifying Solar Energy Generation: Sometimes the sky is partially cloudy, resulting in a brief but inconvenient drop in electricity generation. A storage system will solidify your solar energy system by compensating for this temporary drop in electricity and by making your power supply reliable and consistent.
  3. Resilience: Storage systems provide backup power during disruptions and an adequate storage can ensure that your lights stay on even during a grid failure. There is no better way to protect your home or business against power shortages or grid failures than solar storage systems.

Types of Solar Storage

There are many types of solar energy storage systems, some more expensive and efficient than others. That said, cost is not necessarily a determinant of efficacy. The best solar storage systems combine affordability with efficiency, and they are modular, comparatively easy to install, operate and maintain. For reference, here are the main types of storage systems in use:

  • Pumped-storage Hydropower Storage
  • Electrochemical Storage
  • Thermal Storage
  • Flywheel Storage
  • Compressed Air Storage
  • Solar Fuels
  • Virtual Storage
  • Lithium-ion Battery Storage

What We Offer

Integra Solar offers the best solar energy storage systems available in the market. Lithium-ion batteries are the ideal storage systems for solar energy, because they are effective, affordable and easy to operate and install. By contrast, the other systems are expensive, difficult to install and very expensive. For residences and for most businesses, solar storage systems are the best option. Batteries are compact, modular, affordable, efficient and long lasting. They are also easy to replace and upgrade with time. Therefore, we strongly recommend li-ion batteries above all the other options, and we offer the best battery system sin the market to boot.

Why Choose Integra Solar

Integra Solar not only sources the best batteries available; we have an outstanding reputation as Australia’s best solar energy systems suppliers. Our experience is extensive, given that we have been in the market for over eleven years and we have installed over twenty-five thousand solar energy systems, including solar storage systems. Over the course of our many years, we have come to see solar energy storage as a vital part of solar PV systems, given their myriad of uses and ever-increasing affordability. Integra Solar also has the industry’s best aftersales support. Our staff is helpful, considerate and respectful. Our resident engineer can help you determine your goals with solar energy and, based on your budget, we can help you choose and install the best storage system. Any way you look at it, integra solar is the best choice. Thousands of customers will attest to our professionalism, and we take great pride in our work. Our expertise, professionalism and experience make us Australia’s number one solar storage provider.


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