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What Are Solar inverters?

Solar Inverters are essential to any photovoltaic system. Without an inverter, the energy generated by solar panels will be useless for the most part. This is because the electricity that solar panels generate is in the form of direct current or DC, while most of our appliances can only make use of AC or alternating current. Solar inverters are a class of devices called power electronics, which are responsible for regulating the flow of electrical power.
Solar inverters convert DC to AC by switching the direction of a DC input rapidly back and forth. Using this mechanism, DC input can become AC output. Electronic filters are used to convert rapidly flowing electricity into sine wave before being pumped back into the grid. A sine wave is a shape or pattern made by voltage over time with constant flow. This pattern is used by the power grid to reliably supply electrical power from the grid to individual houses without damaging electronic equipment. Different electronic devices are designed to operate at different frequencies and at different voltages. A sine wave ensures that the flow of energy is smooth and steady to each device and based on its power input demand.
Modern inverters, however, are more than just simple DC to AC machines. They are made of solid-state devices with no moving parts and perform various functions besides their primary function. Solar inverters act as communication points for users to interact with computer networks. Inverters monitor the solar energy system and provide data on energy input and output. Not only that, inverters can also act as instruments of system control and optimisation.
The future of solar energy is inextricably intertwined with the development and deployment of solar inverters on a large scale. As more and more inverters are connected to the grid, the dangers of changing frequencies become more and more pronounced. Since modern inverters do not have any moving parts and therefore no inertia with which to maintain a steady frequency (as would a turbine running from hydropower), the danger of introducing turbulent voltage into the grid and disrupting the sine wave is a slowly becoming a reality. This can be countered with the development of high-quality and smart inverters that can mitigate and guard against such disruptions.

What We Offer

Integra Solar is all about Quality. We make zero compromises on quality even in the name of affordability. We are diametrically opposed to compromising on quality in the name of affordability. While we do recognise the importance of affordability, we believe in making high-quality products affordable, as opposed to making an affordable yet substandard product. Wen you buy from integra Solar, you are buying the best the market has to offer, at the lowest price.

Our Experience

Integra Solar Australia has been around for over eleven years and we have installed over twenty-five thousand solar energy systems all over the country. From individual residences to multimillion-dollar complexes, we have services clients of all types. The breadth of our experience is unmatched, as is our drive for excellence. If you want the best solar inverters, installed by the best professionals in the field, then Integra Solar is your best bet in all over Australia specially in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Tasmania, Townsville. We didn’t stay in business over eleven years without knowing what we were doing! So, what do you get when you do business with integra Solar?

  • The highest quality at the most affordable costs.
  • Unrivalled aftermarket support.
  • Reliability: Our engineers and technicians are professionals with years of experience. The work we do is solid and reliable.
  • A lifelong relationship with Australia’s best solar distributors, one that transcends financial transactions.


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Outstanding Aftersales Support

Integra Solar only provides industry leading solar inverters and nothing else will suffice. We are supremely confident in the solar inverters we supply, and this is reflected in our unrivalled after-sales support. At integra Solar, we strongly believe in customer satisfaction. We believe in building relationships and partnerships that will outlast one transaction. This is our philosophy, and our approach to business and life. We believe that all people deserve respect and honesty. And to that end, we have instituted Australia’s best customer support services in our organisation. We do free follow-up examinations and inspections of all our sales to ensure that everything is working in proper order. Customer complaints are our number one priority and we take each and every individual seriously, regardless of the size of the purchase. We believe in people, and we believe in relationships.

Before You Buy

Before you buy any inverters, there are a few things to consider:

  • Cost: inverters have been the focus of price reductions, as the costs of solar modules have fallen. Manufacturers have been focusing specifically on the prices of inverters to reduce the overall cost of a solar PV system. While this is a good measure, it has also had the effect of flooding the market with substandard inverters. Modern inverters are indeed quicker and cheaper to manufacture, and they usually do not compromise on quality, but it is often best not to skimp on an inverter, as it can prove to be a bottleneck in an otherwise excellent system. An outdated or substandard inverter will not only handicap a solar PV system, but it will also be dangerous to the power grid. While one inverter alone cannot disrupt the sine wave of the national grid, if enough people invest in cheap and low-quality inverters, then this disruption becomes a very real possibility. That is why Integra Solar only offers the highest quality inverters in Melbourne Brisbane, Sydney, Tasmania, Townsville at the most affordable costs, and we strongly recommend that solar PV system owners make the correct choice.
  • Quality: by investing in high-quality inverters, customers can pre-empt a potential hazard to the national grid in the future. If we act now and purchase smart inverters, that will not only last longer and provide a larger return on their investment in the long run, instead of saving a few hundred bucks now, we can forestall a potentially catastrophic issue with the national grid before it even becomes a problem.
  • Type: Inverters are of various types, but we recommend hybrid inverters, as a top choice for customers who want to store more energy for themselves. Hybrid inverters are also smart, and they can automatically regulate electricity flow from the solar panels to the battery to the grid. Hybrid inverters prioritise energy use, then energy storage in the local battery system, and then finally anything left over is sent to the grid for net metering. We always recommend hybrid inverters over off-grid inverters, as being connected to the grid is required by law in Australia. Furthermore, there is no harm in connecting to the grid and getting a bit of extra income through net metering. If a customer has no need or no inclination to install a solar storage system, we recommend an on-grid inverter. Micro-inverters are ideal I the following cases:
  • If customer wishes to measure the specific energy yield of each solar panel individually.
  • Solar panels are obstructed by shade. Micro-inverters can manage each panel individually and ensure that the performance of the entire PV system is not compromised because one panel is partially covered.
  • If a customer wishes to expand their solar panels at a later date, micro-inverters are the right choice.

Micro-inverters are also ideal for smaller installations and for limited spaces in Melbourne Brisbane, Sydney, Tasmania, Townsville.


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