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Integra Solar is an Australian company, founded and run by Australians with the goal to make high quality solar energy cheaper and more easily available to Australian customers in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane & Tasmania. Integra Solar aims to bridge the gap between the demand and supply for solar energy not just in Australia, but also the world. We strongly believe in environmental sustainability and community empowerment, and much of our work aims at providing consumers with as much energy autonomy as possible. At Integra Solar, we whole heartedly believe that solar energy is the future of sustainable energy, and humanity’s key to progress, powered by cheap, clean energy. Solar energy is more than just a business for us, we believe that energy is a vital good, one that every person on this planet has a right to access. Through the proliferation of solar power, we hope to help build a world where countries no longer need to compete for energy, but a world where energy insecurity, and the conflicts that came with it, are a thing of the past. When you do business with Integra Solar, you’re not just buying products from us, but you’re investing in our dream.

Who Are We?

Integra Solar is Australia’s leading solar distributor. With over eleven years of experience and more than twenty-five thousand installations, Integra is widely trusted and accepted by Australian customers and server in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane & Tasmania.

Our Experience

Integra Solar has extensive experience installing solar energy systems. Over our eleven years in the market, we have installed solar energy systems for multimillion-dollar mansions and simple farmsteads. From schools to churches and from government installations to sprawling commercial complexes, there is no task too large or too small for us to tackle. Our resident Solar engineer can help you plan your layout as per your requirements and walk you through the process step by step. We have experience installing all kinds of solar energy systems and are well versed in the intricacies and stresses involved in installing and operating solar energy systems. Our teams are experienced in installing solar panels in a variety of setups and designs, and we are confident that we can meet any expectations in all over Australia specially in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Tasmania & Townsville QLD.

Our Crowning Achievements

For Integra Solar, every customer is a crowning achievement. We take great pride in our work, and our standards are consistently excellent. We treat each and every customer with the respect and reverence they deserve and do our absolute best on every single project. Thousands of satisfied customers will attest to Integra Solar’s professionalism and dedication.


Jetion Solar Panel

Jetion Solar Panel

Tongwei Solar Panel

Tongwei Solar Panel

JA Solar

JA Solar

What sets us Apart from the Rest

At Integra Solar, we do not compromise on

  • Quality and technology
  • After-sales Support
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Affordability

Quality and Technology

Integra Solar sources the best solar panels in the world and delivers them right to your doorstep. The most sought-after solar panels, in every price range, are now available for the Australian customer to pick and choose courtesy of Integra Solar. Whether you want to buy n-type panels from Chinese powerhouse Jolywood, or whether you prefer a European touch with RECOM and Aleo, Integra Solar has it all. We only partner with the best brands, and so you can rest assured that the solar panels we sell undergo the most stringent quality control checks. At Integra Solar, we do not compromise on quality, and we are big believers in transparency. We have statistical evidence to back up our claims of quality and we are more than willing to share any datasheets with our more conscious clients. We distribute panels from the world’s leading solar brands and are proud to be associated with these titans of industry, and their high quality, premium products.

After-sales Support

For us at Integra Solar, solar energy is more than just a business. It is about more than money. The companies we represent have worldviews and principles that are altruistically aligned with our own. They share our love for this planet we call home, our commitment to environmental sustainability, and our belief in loyalty to our customers. This is represented by our robust after-sales support services. We can confidently claim that Integra Solar has the best after-sales support in the industry. We are only a text message or telephone call away from our customers and we regularly follow-up with our clients for no additional cost. For Integra Solar, our clients have always come first. It is this customer centric approach that sets us apart from the rest of the companies. We would not have it any other way.

Environmental Sustainability

We are the generation that can change the world. We are the generation that can roll back the harmful effects of climate change. If we do nothing, it may be too late for future generations to act. The world needs clean energy now more than ever before, and it is time to act. You can be part of the change by adopting solar technology. In doing so, you can save yourself tens of thousands of dollars over the course of the next few decades. It is a win-win situation, and there is no reason not to jump on the bandwagon.

It is unfortunately clear, at this point, that despite the massive adoption of solar technology worldwide, we are still not doing enough to stem the flow of climate change. Scientists warn that more needs to be done. We need to absorb renewable technology at a faster pace. By choosing solar technology today, you can be part of the change.

What You Can Really Save With Solar Energy

With Integra solar, you can save more than just money. You can save time, help keep the environment clean, protect yourself from the hassle of grid outages and earn supplementary income through our state-of-the-art solar PV systems. You can simply choose a solar panel, inverter, and battery system of your choice, or you can tell us your needs and let us choose the best solar PV system for your needs.

Power Your Business with Solar Panels

Make use of Integra Solar’s top-tier solar panels to power your business. As Australia’s number one commercial solar provider, Integra is well placed to help customers reach their energy – and profitability – goals through solar energy. Our high-efficiency solar panels make this possible, and much more affordable than before. Our experience in this field means that we are well placed to provide our clients with high-quality solar solutions for all their business needs.

Save More with Better Solar Panels

Solar panels offered by Integra solar are the best in the market, and available at the lowest prices possible for this level of quality. Our solar panels can help you save more with less, because of their unmatched efficiency and unrivalled output ratings. Customers can expect much faster returns on their investments when opting for solar panels offered by Integra Solar. As a result, our customers generally get the most savings out of their systems during the system’s lifetime.

Affordability with Quality

We strongly believe that solar energy is for everyone and not just for the well-to-do. Fortunately, a variety of suppliers now offer affordable solar panels. This has had an unfortunate side-effect, however, and the Australian market is saturated with cheap and low-quality solar panels. Integra Solar is pushing back against this trend with our ‘Affordability with Quality’ approach. We provide customers with the best solar panels at affordable rates and with reasonable financing options. We do not believe that quality and affordability need to be mutually exclusive, and we always encourage our clients to consider the better options. High-quality panels not only last longer but they also have a higher output over longer periods of time.

You Are in Charge

With our solar panels, you take control of your own energy generation. You are in charge, and no one else. With Integra Solar, you can gain energy independence if you so wish, or you can just install enough solar panels to reduce your bills. We provide you your options based on your stated goals and chart out the best course of action for you to achieve them. At any rate, solar panels are the single best way to reclaim energy independence. You can also make a strong statement against fossil fuels and for environmental protection.

The level of support Integra Solar offers its customers is industry leading. We teach our clients to care for, maintain and perform basic diagnostics on their solar panels as well, should our customers choose to avail this opportunity. Alternatively, we offer industry leading levels of aftersales customer support. The level of our involvement depends on you, and we are strong believers in consumer autonomy.


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